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Allison fox by alannasink Allison fox :iconalannasink:alannasink 0 0 playing around by alannasink playing around :iconalannasink:alannasink 0 1 freinds by alannasink freinds :iconalannasink:alannasink 1 2 abegail relooked by alannasink abegail relooked :iconalannasink:alannasink 0 1 nix-emu by alannasink nix-emu :iconalannasink:alannasink 3 2
Death and life 2
Death stared at the boy. She vaguely remebered that there were others that looked like her. The sound he made was sort of familiar, but the words meant nothing.
"Hello," his freind Katy held a camcorder, "umm...What are you called?"
Death was confused by these sounds but she recognised one word, what. It was a question.
"Death," she said not knowing if it was the right sound to make, these creatures that looked like her held her captivated but wavering on the egde of fear.
Michael moaned, "Maybe this was  not the best idea," his voice rasped a whisper.
Death's delicate ears picked up on the low sounds and she recognized the fright a word formed in her mouth, so she spoke, "Fear?"
Michael took a step back. Katy took a step forward, and Vidal stood where he was. There was a long pause where silence was broken by the sound of birds and the small sounds trees make.
"Are you afraid?" asked Katy.
You Death recognized that too. You meant her. What did this thing that look like her s
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upside down love by alannasink upside down love :iconalannasink:alannasink 0 0
bloody pirates
Anino stared at her arms. Tiny cuts spread up her arms forming intricate pathways. She wondered how they would scar if they would scar. Tiny drops of blood clng to the edges of the scratches waiting to be jostled just eough to send scarlet tears runing down her arms. She was a captured pirate and pirates did not cry they endured so would she.
The ship she was aboard rocked beneath her feet in a comforting way. She was still at sea no matter on whose ship she rode. Anino did not understand why the captain had cut her arms this way. she remebered the flash of the knife over and over again, but if it was meant to be a kind of torture then it failed misserably. The cuts merely stung nothing more.
"The moon grows full," the other occupant of the cell, a blind man about her own age, whined.
"The moon?" aked Anino, "How can you even tell through your darkness?" but, she thought, perhaps the darkness of this room is just as black as his.
'"I can feel it," he answered, "Can't you feel the tenti
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nail art by alannasink nail art :iconalannasink:alannasink 0 0
The Mirror 3
An alarm clock beeped anoyingly next to Sylvie's ear. She slammed her hand down on top of it with a groan. She didn't remember setting an alarm so she rolled over. Kaye who normally slept in the same bed with her and was a notorious hog suddenly didnt seem to be in her way. Sylvie roled farther trying to find Kaye instead she fell to the floor with a thump.
Sylvie noticed now that the comforter wrapped around her was robins breast red. She realized with a start that her nails were hot pink. Now that she was looking her hair was platinum blond. She realized that this must be a dream so she hauled herself back into bed with the full intention of going to sleep when.
"Mom told me to tell you to wake up slopoke," a kid rushed in and began banging away at a toy drum.
"If you don't leave ill call the cops," Sylvie mumbled into an orange pillow.
"No you won't," the voice said.
Sylvie threw a paper weight in the generak direction of the voice with a groan.
"Mom!! Sam is throwing things at me,"
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Hello by alannasink Hello :iconalannasink:alannasink 1 0
Death and life
Summer filled the air with light that danced through the leaves as the Death scampered through the trees. Death was a wild child. Left alone as a small child because of the death of her parents and robbed of most of her memorys she remebered the word death and kept it as her own. Death was a bit of a wild child really. Summer was her favorate time of year. It was when the light was the most beautiful and when the sun warmed her skin to a point where it almost melted beneath the heat most people called sweltering. Death was going to spend her day doing what she most often did on days such as this. She would pedal her feet in the stream and pick flowers scampering after the tiny fox that she had befriended.
But life had other plans for Death.
Death waded in the shalow stream water rushing and and twisting over her bare feet. Death wore only an old army coat slung over thin shoulders left open in the heat of the day. The coat had belonged to her father and hung nearly to her knees decorat
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caged birds sing beautifuly by alannasink caged birds sing beautifuly :iconalannasink:alannasink 0 0
alice and hades 3
Alice straitened. her erge to cough faded. She wasn't quite so cold. her breath came easily to her, and she felt more vibrant and alive.
"Partners?" she asked massaging her once sore throat, "Hey where did you come from?"
"I'm a magician," Hades mentally cursed himself for appearing so suddenly, "And you'd make a great assistant."
She smiled and turned the combination on her lock, "I dont know. I have alot going on right now."
Alice began placing books inside a robins egg blue messenger bag. Once she had placed the last book in it Hades scooped it up. Alice began to protest.
"Let me," he smiled, melting Alice into a puddle, "I'll walk you to class. What is your class."
As they walked down the hallway he pretended like he wasn't watching the gentle sway of her hips. And Alice had difficulty not looking at his muscled chest beneath a ripped grey tee. They were almost in class when they passed a girl decked out in light purples and greens.
"Nice bedroom slippers did you forget that this i
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The Fey's Sacrifice part 1
Jacob ate his ice cream as he and his boyfriend Sam walked in the park. Jacob loved the feel of the sun on his shoulders and the wind in carefully styled hair. He glanced at Sam who smiled at him clutching the bouquet of wildflowers that Jacob had picked. Jacob loved the way Sam glowed when he smiled.
"So Sammy," Jacob dropped his napkin into a trash can, "You said that you had a special secret to tell me."
Sam frowned plucking a purple petal from one of the flowers, "Its...umm... i love the way your hair looks with the sun shining in it."
Jacob whirled to face him, "Why are you lying to me?"
Sam sucked in a breath and took off running into the woods. Jacob was on his heals used to Sam randomly wanting to run or jump of climb trees. It was one reasons that he had fallen in love with Sam. However at the moment it was anoying. Sam finally slowed. Jacob doubled over hands on his knees wheezing a little.
"Wha--whats wro--ng with you?" Jacob huffed out.
"I needed to bring you here to tell y
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water girl by alannasink water girl :iconalannasink:alannasink 1 1


Collar of blue wings by Giname Collar of blue wings :iconginame:Giname 449 30 Sailor Fuku Game Makeover by HlYA Sailor Fuku Game Makeover :iconhlya:HlYA 6,916 287 Ablaze by moyan Ablaze :iconmoyan:moyan 4,550 266 The Girl who was Spirited Away by Flori-chii The Girl who was Spirited Away :iconflori-chii:Flori-chii 112 38 Please Don't go by Flori-chii Please Don't go :iconflori-chii:Flori-chii 641 202 Kawaii Grell by Nyasok Kawaii Grell :iconnyasok:Nyasok 79 34 butterfly by Nyasok butterfly :iconnyasok:Nyasok 20 0 free girl by Nyasok free girl :iconnyasok:Nyasok 126 22 Essence of Beauty by Eman333 Essence of Beauty :iconeman333:Eman333 1,708 177 Mari's Rare smile by LuckyIce Mari's Rare smile :iconluckyice:LuckyIce 335 85 SS: Hauru x Sophie by 0Febris0 SS: Hauru x Sophie :icon0febris0:0Febris0 1,527 320 ::STRAWBERRY GARDEN:: by DaijinMinister ::STRAWBERRY GARDEN:: :icondaijinminister:DaijinMinister 446 130 M A I D by RedPig31 M A I D :iconredpig31:RedPig31 1,652 276 sleeping beauty by Cientifica sleeping beauty :iconcientifica:Cientifica 217 42



United States
u can decide about me
y is it that the one time i come home in monthes miep dear gets foot surgery and now all of her chores are mine... i miss colege life where the only messes you have to clean are the ones you make and the people in the cafeteria take care of the dishes... i was supposed to be relaxing and taking it easy and watching harry potter again. oh well and now its black friday so im basically grounded. curse you tatti you were supposed to come over today... I geuss ill just eat my sexy cookies and wait for... something to happen probably download some music and continue my ever present search for good computer games that i dont have to play with other people...tata for now
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  • Eating: food that mama gave me
  • Drinking: water i cant afford anything else


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